I met someone who doesn’t have a problem keeping Sundays slow. She is, shall we say, rather an Eeyore type of person – somewhere between gloomy and depressed, with a sprinkling of paranoia.

From what I gather, she and her family sleep a lot on Sunday. No one (not even the kids) can rouse themselves in time for a 9:00 AM church service. So they stumble in late, whenever they make it. Then, it’s out to lunch and home for a nap. In the evening they don’t do much more than sit around, watching t.v.

While this may not be the most spiritual Sabbath I’ve ever heard of, it’s infinitely more sane than what most Christians do, rushing around the church building all day. This past Mother’s Day, a friend was at her church from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM (with a short break to cook lunch for her mother-in-law).

Maybe my depressed friend has the real goods. She says it isn’t easy to keep Sunday special.

“We have to work at it,” she told me.