Today isn’t the Sabbath. I don’t know what day is anymore. Ever since my mom’s cancer went aggressive at the beginning of this year, my weeks have been an unending river of days. Appointments change, complications arise. Not to mention that I still have kids with activities, and a job, and a husband with work demands.

At first I tried to make my Sabbath the day I visited her. It worked for a couple of weeks. I sang praise songs on the drive, and read to her while she got chemo. But after awhile, I didn’t want to sing on the drive. I didn’t want to sit with God at all. I truly enjoyed my time with my mom, then the next day, I’d crash and treat the Lord like we’d just had a fight. 

I’ve asked God about this, and He said it’s okay. I’m just exchanging one commandment for another: from Remember the Sabbath to Honor thy mother.

I do remember. I miss it. Soon I’ll miss my mom, too.