Why 13 days? Because that’s how long my kids are out of school!

Robert Griffin III with the Heisman Trophy

Tonight, we are going to the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio to see Robert Griffin III (aka RG3) play for Baylor University. I cannot describe how much this means to Baylor folks and Wacoans like me. Oh wait, I did try to describe it in my January column.

In short, it’s about believing. Believing when you thought that belief was just one of those things you were denied, and you learned to live without it and go through the motions. And you pretended you believed, but you really didn’t. Then, slowly, it all began to change. You didn’t trust it because trust was no longer a tool in your shed. And as months went by, and the news kept getting better (of all things!) you found yourself standing proud, amazed.

Thanks, RG3. Whatever happens tonight doesn’t matter. Just go out and have fun.