Lent is the reason why I sabbath (or at least, attempt to).

Back in 2002, I couldn’t decide what to give up. One of my friends had shared that her family had been observing a sabbath for two years. I wasn’t sure if I could do six entire weeks, so I decided to try it for two—the two weeks before Lent. I figured that if it didn’t work, I could always give up tea.

Well, it did work. It stuck. If you’re doing the math, that was 10 years ago.

I have avoided the controversy of Saturday vs. Sunday by choosing … Wednesday as my Sabbath. It wasn’t taken, so I took it.

When I started, Wednesday was a real church-y day. I attended a Bible study in the morning and a small group at night. I haven’t had either of those things since 2006. I work from home for a monthly magazine, and the middle of the week tends to be slower. I often need to work on weekends, and my kids usually have activities on the weekends. So it works for me.

Few of my sabbaths are perfect. Usually, one a month is great, two are so-so, and one gets trashed (that would be when I’m on deadline).

What I do or don’t do on those rest days varies. I approach each one as a gift. I take extended time for prayer, and I open my Bible to the following Sunday’s readings. I try to keep more quiet than usual. I try really hard not to go to the store. I try to unplug (although I usually fail at that one). When my mom was sick the gift I needed most was to sleep, so I slept. I still need that.

One Wednesday I went to a cross-country meet. On another we drove out of town for a funeral. Next week I may be climbing Enchanted Rock with some friends. Sometimes the right thing to do is not to quibble but to show up.

I started this blog for the purpose of journaling what was happening to me on these weekly pauses. They are so much a part of my life now that I have little to say about them. I don’t blog about brushing my teeth, either. I just do it.