I was standing at the edge of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, as far out on the hexagonal rocks as I could without getting wet, when I heard a voice behind me from someone in our tour group.

“It’s a spiritual experience, isn’t it?” the man said.

“It’s lovely,” I answered.

Lovely, yes. Spiritual, no.

Now, I’m the first person who can have a spiritual experience with a bunch of rocks and an ocean, but that day, I wasn’t feeling it. That day, it was only lovely.

Lately, I’ve been getting my spiritual experiences in more traditional places. That is, in church. And that’s quite a change. Two Aprils ago, my husband and I spent Easter at the Quiet House at Laity Lodge because I couldn’t go inside a church without having a panic attack. Back then, rocks and water would have done the trick.

But not now.

One Sunday, I was taking the photo you see above. The following Sunday, I was in my church. Both were lovely. Only one was spiritual.