If you want to know the temperature in Heaven, just check the weather in Creede, Colorado. It’s programmed into my iPhone. I’ll bet money it’s programmed into my dad’s iPhone, too.

My parents started going to Creede several years ago, thanks to Ben and Amy, who let them use their house. One of the best decisions of my life was including a week in Creede during our 2008 summer vacation to Colorado. Mom was feeling good that week, even though the tumor in her eye was turning the world sepia.

We went to the theater. We fished in the Rio Grande. We drove around. John and I and the kids hiked in the San Juans. There was a horseback ride in there somewhere. My son was young enough to battle imaginary bad guys hiding behind the stairs. My daughter was old enough to tour a mine and make appropriate comments. We saw bears, an eagle. We had steak and salad and potatoes and red wine. Also, my dad’s $89 Stew with Fat Tire. We made s’mores.

As I write this post, it’s 43 degrees in Creede. The forecast calls for morning sunshine followed by isolated thunderstorms during the afternoon.

Enjoy Heaven, Mom, even if it’s not quite like Creede. We miss you. Happy Mother’s Day.