Sources speculate that the cause of the blackout may be traced to one errant tree.

News outlets report that a tree limb dipped too close to a power line, then caught fire.

“It was horrible,” said a tree who saw it all. “The bark just exploded.”

Neighboring trees saw trouble coming long before the tragic events .

“Those young saplings are nothing but trouble,” said a deciduous source. “Those whippersnappers never stand straight and tall like growing trees should. They lollygag around all summer, laying their limbs where they may, not caring who might get hurt. Well, this time more than a few leaves got burned.”

Friends of the accused tree offered a different explanation.

“We didn’t mean to hurt anyone. We just wanted to have a little fun before our leaves fall and we shut down for the winter.”

Unnamed sources report that games of “Touch the Wire” have become common rites of passage for young trees.

Parents of the tree in question could not be reached for comment, though they expressed their most sincere regrets that so many homes lost power.