Since word has gone out that I’ve gone Catholic, my friends are sending me Mary things.

One friend wrote, “Often I’ve wanted to remind you that being a wife is always hard and often being a mother…. well, just ask Mary. I’ve been there I have the tee-shirt with stains still hidden away in a drawer to prove it.”

Don’t you love the idea of Mary with a stained T-shirt in a drawer? It should say, “Mother of Jesus. Pray for me.”

Another friend was on vacation and visited a historic church. She texted me a photo, along with the message, “She understands a sorrowful heart.”

Then I followed a link and learned that this particular image is Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the patron saint of Haiti. Since October, I’ve had three friends travel there, each with a different group.

It makes me think I know nothing of sorrow.