62. Sisters

Dad calls at 5 a.m. “It may be today.”



I have an ob/gyn appointment, 100 miles away.

I go anyway. Surely, she won’t die

without me there.

The doctor doesn’t want to let me leave because

My blood pressure is racing. I beg her,

“My mother is literally on her death bed.”

She relents. Does my Pap smear in 10 minutes.

Doesn’t charge me.

I get to Mom’s bedside in time, but she’s not ready to die

today. She’s wandering the house:

“Where’s breakfast?”

“Why is it so cold?”

“Who are all these people?”

Mom stares at me — her only daughter —

sitting next to Amy, my brother’s wife,

as if she’s never seen me before.


“Are you two sisters?” Mom asks.


Amy answers (because I can’t),

“Yes, ma’am!”

Now we are.

1 thought on “62. Sisters”

  1. Molly Racowsky said:

    I felt the “sister” love in this. Thank you, Megan.

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