A bit about me

Hey, there.
My full name is Merry Megan Drummond Willome (but don’t tell anyone). I was raised in Austin, Texas and became a grown-up in Waco. I now live in Fredericksburg with one husband, two teens and two dogs. One of the best things about living here is my writers’ group, Hill Country Women of Words.

I write and edit for the Wacoan, a monthly magazine. That’s my job, and I love it. I also write poetry, just ‘cuz. In general, it’s just not a good day until I write, and I can’t write unless I have two quarts of tea ready to go.

If you would like to contact me, just leave a comment here on the blog, and I will get in touch with you. You can also follow me on Twitter, @meganwillome.

Take care.

A better bio

That was pretty boring, wasn’t it? I have a better (fake) bio, written by uber-blogger Mark Osler. If you participate in Haiku Friday, you’ll get it. If not, well, what are you waiting for? I share this prize with Neil Alan Willard.

Coincidentally, I can do a bio on both… because their life stories are tragically intertwined.

It was the 90’s at Wake Forest, a fine school deep in the piney woods of North Carolina. It is a school where football is a forgotten stepchild, basketball is an afterthought, but liturgical dance is king. And the king of liturgical dance was Neil Alan Willard. He swept the school championship with a triumphant performance based on the first stanza of Song of Solomon’s second chapter, leaving the audience literally in tears before rising as one in full-throated roar. 

Meanwhile, in Central Texas, liturgical dance was almost unknown, due to the fear of dancing. Yet one woman soldiered on, performing where she could– Unitarian potlucks, stoner weddings, SXSW– and honed her skills until she was the best liturgical dancer no one ever heard of.

It is inevitable that the two would meet, and they did: In the national finals, which were part of Liturgi-Con 1995 in Jeffersonville, Tennessee. The theme was “Noah after the flood,” a challenging passage for any dancer. Too challenging, it turned out, as both were arrested for indecency for their separate performances and the grand prize was awarded to the third-place finisher, Box Head Guy.


5 thoughts on “A bit about me”

  1. Mary McCauley said:

    Hi Megan,
    I just came across your blog by accident. I’m Mary McCauley in Waco if you remember I worked for John at CORD 12 years ago!!! I can’t believe that your kids are teenagers now!!! WOW~!!!!
    Well I am officially retired now. The last little One I kept left two week ago. I am staying busy with my 12 gradkids. My daughter Kelli has two sisters from Taliatha
    Koom living with her now.
    Love to all of you…give Big John a BIG HUG!!!

  2. That’s my favorite Monday bio ever. You gotta meet Neil Alan Willard sometime…

  3. Found your site via Transitions. Very much enjoyed my visit. Love short bits of writing, especially liked the boys that navigate by the church building.

  4. Gina Osnovich said:

    I would love to contact you about possibly reviewing something by Mark Salzman. Can you please email me your contact info at osnovichg@yahoo.com

    Thank you so much! Look forward to hearing from you


  5. I don’t understand it one bit but I am laughing out loud. Is that an appropriate response to this very creative bio?

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